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About Us

Hi, welcome to emph!

Emph is a transparent company dedicated to providing a great product with a sustainable cradle-to-grave lifespan. We promote, buying wisely, living simply, spending time in nature, and most of all hemp.

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Emph is an Australian owned online store created by a small town mum, who made it her mission to raise awareness of hemp as a sustainable resource.
She achieves this by combining her love of hemp, nature and sustainable practices with her love of crystals, meditation, and education.
Teaching people to be at peace in the present moment, while standing up and fighting for the future, is something Kellie is passionate about.

Here is her story...

It was 2013, I had a cheap cotton necklace I’d purchased that could hold my crystals, however the quality wasn’t good and it broke shortly after. Miffed, but convinced I could craft something better, I went on the hunt for the perfect material that would stand the test of time, and would survive my adventurous lifestyle. That is when I stumbled across the many beautiful colours made from hemp. Perfect, I thought. They were so pretty and hemp is such a cool plant. I went home and made ten necklaces in different colours, where upon my friends all asked me to make them one. So, back I went to get more hemp. However, when I returned to the shop, the shelves were empty, no one seemed to know why, or when they’d be getting more.

This is when my next big adventure began. At home I googled hemp, just trying to buying it direct. I found story after story of the amazing attributes of hemp, and how it had ben demonised and cast aside shortly after being announced as a potential “billion dollar crop” in the late 30s. This piqued my interest. I spent months poring over laws, regulations, articles and books. I was convinced, I would be a part of the hemp movement from that time on.

Meanwhile, I was shopping one day for more crystals in my local store when I struck up a deal to showcase my handmade hemp necklaces there. I was thrilled. I then went form store to store in my state asking if they’d support my cause and to my amazement they did, and the necklaces sold like hotcakes. Everybody loved that they were made from hemp.

Five years on and I have crystals stores selling emph necklaces all over Australia and have sold thousands of emph hemp necklaces. Furthermore, I chose to go back to university and get educated in Global Politics and Sustainable Development, I’m part way through and have learnt that the people have the power.

How? Through purchasing power, you can make your voice heard, and by wearing a symbol like an emph necklace you show others that you support hemp, and sustainable practices in general. This connects us to the movement, you can buy them for friends, family or hang them around your house or car.

I have branched out into other stores, fashion, health and gift stores, so do keep your eyes out. I created this online store for you; the individual, the savvy online shopper, the conscious consumer, the activist, the simple living, peace loving person who is reading this now. So if you love to live simply, enjoy nature, want to spend your money on something you believe in, then believe in me and support emph.

Love Kellie xxx

Thank you! You may only be one person, but together we are strong.
Let's stand together to make the world a better place.