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Can I wear my necklace in the shower or when I go swimming?
Absolutely. Hemp was used as rope for sailing ships for years, it is mould resistant and will dry within an hour or two.

Is it safe for baby or pets to chew on?
Yes. All our dyes are lead free and non-toxic, they wont run either. So let bubba chew, suck and nibble, however your pet will chew straight through it, so that will void your return policy, sorry.

How long do they normally last?
If you take care of your necklace it will last you forever, if you choose to wear it everyday as a choker like some of our customers, then it will last around 8-12 months or longer.

Can I adjust the length?
Emph necklaces come in either a slipknot style or the 2tail style, they are fully adjustable, however if you want it even shorter you can easily cut it and retie a simple slipknot again. (For help with this contact us, it's easy, also expect a short 'how-to-video' attached to FAQs) 

What is my crystal's metaphysical meaning?
This is something you can research yourself with a google search or by using a crystal bible, here at emph we are about sustainable products so we stick to what we know.

Is hemp legal? and will I be able to travel internationally while wearing it?
Yes emph hemp necklaces are safe to wear in majority of countries however, do check with the local laws of your next destination, just to be safe.  

Don't laugh, because we've been asked before...
There is no active cannabinoid in it once it has been turned into string. It is just string, beautiful, enduring hemp string, so please don’t be a twit and try and smoke it?? You’ll only burn it and void your warranty.
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