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French Blue Standard with Amethyst (2)

French Blue Standard with Amethyst (2)

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Every hemp necklace produced provides a little more oxygen and a little less carbon.
Individual Sets like this one are hand picked and put together by our emph team. What you see is exactly what you get they are individually itemised, and once they are sold they are gone forever. This ensures that you get exactly what you pay for, and you can choose your pieces worry-free. There is no other necklaces the same, each crystal is unique. 


Emph's necklaces are 100% pure hemp, which is sourced from California. We are proud to inform you that China is where our hemp is grown. Little known fact: China has worked hard to reduce its harmful impact of heavy emissions on the environment, caused from its late industrial revolution. They do this by being one of the world's largest sustainable energy producers. We're happy to tell you that at the moment they are the largest hemp fibre producers in the world, it's great to see. It's also great to see hemp being embraced as an emission reducing agricultural industry. 

Colour Description

French blue is a really soft feminine colour. Suits all the softer coloured crystals and those who wear pastel colours.

Our necklaces are adjustable so you can vary the length. They're designed to wear mid chest to navel. the net basket is around 7cm in length and fits a 3.5cm crystal or 2 x 2-3cm crystals.